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We are Mosaic Buil, a construction consultancy firm that has been operating in Sterling-Virginia for many years. We serve our customers with our expert teammates and modern equipment. Since its establishment, Mosaic Design Build has expanded its fields of activity in line with its objectives, expanded its target audience and has become the preferred point of many customers, especially in Virginia. Mosaic Build Design, which gives confidence to its customers and makes a difference with the projects it carries out, plans not only to be limited to Virginia – Sterling, but also to expand its fields of activity to the whole of America.
Virginia`s Best Construction Company - Mosaic Desing build
Virginia`s Best Construction Company - Mosaic Desing build
If you want a garage addition project that will add value to your home and protect your cars, we offer you the best garage addition cost solution as Mosaic Design & Build based in Virginia. The garages in our homes are important spaces that serve as storage areas as well as protecting our vehicles. However, over time, our needs may change and the size of our existing garage may become insufficient or we may not have a garage at all. At this point, garage addition or garage renovation options come into play.
Best Construction Team - Mosaic Desing Build
Best Construction Team - Mosaic Desing Build
When we decide to add a garage to our home, we first choose a suitable area. We choose and apply the interior and exterior cladding of your garage. At this stage, we determine the factors that affect the suitability for garage addition by considering energy efficiency issues such as insulation and air tightness, and we decide by exchanging ideas with you. 

How Much Do Garage Addition Cost 

Beautifying our living spaces, creating more spacious and peaceful environments is the only goal of our professional team at Mosaic Design & Build. Of course, while carrying out these activities, we do not refrain from considering your benefit. We provide maximum quality while keeping costs to a minimum and design, choose and present products that are aesthetically successful. We do this by understanding you. We avoid unnecessary expenses by choosing products that suit your needs and tastes.
How Much Do Garage Addition Cost - Mosaic Desing Build
How Much Do Garage Addition Cost - Mosaic Desing Build
In addition, since garage addition projects are one of the best ways to add value to our home, we can help you make a profit in the long run.

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Mosaic Design & Build is a company specialized in custom home design and construction, offering services such as garage addition, room addition, outdoor living spaces, basement finishing, kitchen and bathroom renovation. Mosaic Design & Build transforms its customers dream homes into reality with creative design ideas and smart construction management. Garage addition projects are a perfect way to increase your living space and storage capacity while adding value to your home. By working with Mosaic Build, you can be sure that your project will be completed successfully and efficiently. Do not neglect your garage, which is a part of your home, and contact us from the contact numbers below to evaluate it in the most professional way with the appropriate cost and do not forget to stop by our Mosaic Build & Design center in Virginia.
Phone number: 7039969191 
Mosaic Design & Build
45305 Catalina Ct, Unit 150
Sterling, Virginia 20166

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